Brain: Go Hurty! Podcast #29 “Gaming Business”

Flik and Blighty get together and discuss what has been going on in the gaming world recently, with some side notes on why Olympic lasers would be fantastic. Topics covered include:

Tomb Raider

Resident Evil 6


The Amazing Spiderman

and much more...

question/comments/pictures of Spidey?

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Brain: Go Hurty! Podcast #28 “E3 2012 Special! - Bows and Arrows”

It's finally here! The E3 special sees the guys round off all the best and worst bits of E3 2012!

Far too many topics to go over but a short list might look like this;

Halo 4

Splinter Cell: Black List

Tomb Raider

Wii U

Watch Dogs

And more...

Questions/comments/your "Wii Fit U x" entries?



Brain: Go Hurty! Special - DLC 2 “Advertising Biscuits”

In this shorter edition of the B:GH podcast we start speculating about E3 2012!

Do you have any predictions? Want your E3 comments read out on the E3 special show?

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