Brain: Go Hurty! Podcast #23

The latest podcast episode has the guys discover the true national holidays, delve into what makes Resident Evil: Racoon City Operations great and why Mass Effect is taking so much flak lately.

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Q & A

Tonight we will be recording the 23rd BGH Podcast and in advance of that we'd just like to state that if you have a gaming or general related question you would like either of us to answer on air please send it in to:

Or you can comment on this post if you're lazy, or harass us Twitter if you are a potential stalker.

Brain: Go Hurty! Podcast #22

The first full podcast with our new webhost!

Flik and Blighty get together and discuss Assassins Creed 3, Mass Effect 3 and err how drunk Blighty was the previous night...3

Flik opens the episode with an encounter with a racist old lady and Blighty divulges his odd shopping habits.

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Brain: Go Hurty! Special - DLC 1

The epilogue to season 1 or prologue to season 2. Take your pick. We don't mind.